GKBC Writer of the Week

December 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Here’s my interview with GKBC… Hope I don’t sound like a douche, I hate writing about myself so much a lot. Go see what you think!

Honor Clement-Hayes GKBC Writer of the Week


Lovely News!

December 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oooooh! I’ve got my writers profile on GKBCinc.com. It’s pretty nice actually, very pleased with it. I even have three awards I didn’t know about for the amount of shares my guest blogs have had.

Go look obviously!

GKBC logo

I am a Writing Combatant!

December 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

Super duper news – I have now been bumped up to Writing Combatant by the GKBC Writers Academy!

That means I now get my profile in their writers’ area of the website and I even got a certificate which is a rare and lovely occurrence in adult life. I was always a certificate winner at school and it really still feels just as good (awful girly swot that I am).

I’ve written about everything from Harry Potter to living with eBooks as a literature lover. Just having this breadth of subject matter has made me think in a different way about writing and got me out of my – possibly lazy – fashion writing style.

Now I’m a Writing Combatant I’m pretty sure I’m going to face much harsher criticism, but that’s exactly what I need. I’ve had 100% copy quality at work for seven months now and it probably has me resting on my laurels a little bit because I don’t find it challenging. I need someone to be mean to me!

I still feel nervous about people reading my writing and I still second guess myself. But I’ve been working on a copy quality guide for work that’s made me revisit a lot of the in-depth language stuff I’ve learnt over the years…and it’s made me hungry to bloody well use it!


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