Oh Look!

January 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

How nice, another two blogs for Yell’s Knowledge Centre. It’s so weird seeing my stuff on there. I have used up hours of my life correcting Knowledge Center to Knowledge Centre and vice versa for US/UK application.

The anatomy of a blog post

So, we have one on the anatomy of a blog post – the individual pieces that make up a nice structure to keep things tidy and easy to scan. I liked this one because the idea of a blog post structure as a head-to-toe body actually fitted quite neatly.

Testing web copy

And the other is about testing web copy. I use Hemingwayapp.com and Wordcounter.net all the time (mainly for geeky thrills) and I do find it keeps copy in line, especially for things like reading age and highlighting naughty adverbs.

Take a look – they’re not boring I promise.


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