Best Thing Ever

June 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

The Screamer by Dan Evans

…was working on pictures for a Young Driver’s Guide post with Dan Evans, an illustrator I picked up from VICE.

Go take a look!


Letraset Promarkers

March 16, 2013 § Leave a comment


I just got my Rich Tones Letraset Promarkers. These sets are very well put together for a glorious palette that’s ready to go. I particularly enjoy Moss against and over Maroon, and Marine is incredible too.

The pens are better than I could have imagined: smooth, bold, easily layered…it’s like drawing with watercolours but with serious precision.

My usual attitude to pens is the skinnier the better but I actually love the chiselled fat end best. It swoops big swathes of colour over the page but gives a really sharp edge with the very point. I wasn’t going for dense colour but I’m sure these pens are more than capable of completely even and consistent coverage.

I love these colours together; deep glowing autumn tones that blend beautifully. I decided to just play with how the colours interacted, then inked up my great grandfather’s office stamps for some texture. I also couldn’t resist using my new sheet of transfers in University Roman, which is such a glorious type.

My dad introduced me to Letraset a long time ago, when he discovered a huge collection of transfers from his art college days. They always remind me of him, and the stamps he passed on to me are one of my most precious possessions.

A Little Something I Adore…

September 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I found something really beautiful that you should see. It’s a necklace and it’s making me feel funny. It’s by graphic designer Rachael Jane Harrison, founder of Koko & Beau. I love Rachael’s graphic prints but now she’s got a newly-launched jewellery shop and it’s lush. You can find Koko & Beau here and see some of her prints here. Thinking I probably need to do a HOWL feature, what do we think?

Koko & Beau jewellery design

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