Hello Poetry

September 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’ve put some work on a website called Hello Poetry, which is a lovely, well-designed (pretty rare) place for sharing poetry.

One of my poems about the sea trended for a bit, which is nice. Funny that one of the only things I’ve ever written that rhymes is the most popular. Human beings love pattern.

The site has a feature showing the most recently used words and I’ve been having fun picking out weirdly beautiful phrases that have been generated. I can see my own words too, which I love.

Some great results:
sparrow light
grey life
streets felt sparkling cool
golden warm bookcase
possibly diamonds
scattered haze
orphan shivering
stolen valley
mothers weep glorious bleak paradise
unfortunate colour
jazz shuffle
scratching dampness
halos mottled
gas-lit smash-and-grabs
evolution coughs
fairy corridors
hilltop molecules
dingy freak
opium claws
words scattering
liquid laugh
desperate offering
silent green
hot wet dreams
wiped sighs lingering
pulse sleepy
low sweetness
quiet water mist
tomorrow finds glory
buildings sinking
shelf ghosts
catching happiness


Joining the Content Revolution

April 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

Oh hey. So I’ve written some things for Content Revolution – a new blog concerned with all things design, marketing, writing and so forth.

My first piece for them is about using the talent you have available to you to create lovely (and HUMAN) content.

It doesn’t matter if that talent can’t spell, or doesn’t really like using punctuation – if you’re in charge of gathering content then you probably can and do. All you need is ideas with a bit of passion behind them.

I’ve been expounding on this subject for the last couple of months (having been lucky enough to exist in a time of rare in-sourcing in the corporate world) and I wrote a report that no one read, so I thought I’d give this article to the world instead.

I know. Saintly.

Go read.

B2B Blogging #4: What If I Get Negative Comments?

November 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

The third and final question in my B2B blogging series for hibu. But it’s not the end! I’ll be back next week with some other words about online marketing.

Go see this week’s blog.

All The Colours

October 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

Colourful bow ties

Know what I love? Bows. Bows and colours. All the bows and all the colours please. To that end, I just bought a lot of brightly coloured bows. I wear these as bow ties and on my Ju Ju Jellies, so excellent investment I feel.

Honor Clement-Hayes

Also just won my second pair of Irregular Choice shoes this week…oopsie. However, £19 for £70 shoes is a bargain in anyone’s book.

You Legend Irregular Choice

I pitched quite a lot of work last week and some of it has already been completed, signed off and paid for which is a lovely miracle! I absolutely adore being able to make money doing something that comes naturally to me and that I enjoy. Yeah I know, vomit.

But don’t just stand there and throw stones at me. Go chase YOUR dream, yo!


Cat Hat

July 22, 2013 § 1 Comment

Loving my pink cat hat from Oasap – it’s so kitschy I may die of happiness. Also got some gold rings – triangle, circle and square  – which I adore but (typically) rub green off on my fingers. Have overcome this by painting them with clear nail varnish. Such a girl scout.

I got a collar as well: blue leopard print with spike studs. Yes. Yes it is good. Will post that when I can.

So busy right now kids, lots of roller coaster activity going on. Job, freelance, life in general – it’s just all mental.


Roller Girl

May 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

Rookie Odyssey roller skates

Yesterday my new Rookie roller skates from Surfdome arrived. I instantly put on a more appropriate outfit (fluffy purple tutu and bow tie), then cooked dinner wearing them which was dangerous but fun.

I had been trying to coerce my friend Andy into getting some skates so he can come out to play with me but Boyfriend accidentally let slip that HE used to be a bit of a devil on the dance floor at 90s roller discos, so I may in fact be forming a sort of roller CLUB in Haslemere town. And Haslemere is not ready for us.

Now, I loathe exercise but roller skating is FUN time. You have a hilarious laugh and also get somewhere (looking fabulous) while toning your bum, thighs and stomach muscles. What’s not to like? At the ripe old age of 23, I just do not care any more abut people looking at me.

I just want to have FUN.

Rookie Odyssey roller skates

Being Ophelia

May 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Honor Clement-Hayes - Oasap

Oh YUM. Oasap sent me a long floaty green maxi skirt and it makes me feel like Ophelia. If you find me floating in a river somewhere, don’t be alarmed. I’m just playing.

Incredibly, this skirt is the perfect length for me. Every single maxi I’ve ever owned has required some clever hitching up or towering heels, as I am about the height of an Ewok. But THIS skirt is obviously designed for tiny little Asian girls, so it’s 100% perfect. Don’t worry if you’re normal though – this is literally brushing the ground on me (I’m five foot one) which is how I like it.

I like that the underskirt is separate from the netting because I often wear sheer skirts over a black mini skirt or gold dress, so it just gives me more options. I quite like the idea of the shiny green bit on its own but I think that may require further experimentation…

This skirt also comes in lilac, which I think would be VRAIMENT beautiful for the summer, and with lots of white and silver in the winter for melancholy moor wandering. With big chunky Dr Martens and a cable knit cardi. Mmmm.

You can see more of how I styled my new skirt on Chictopia.

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