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Learning to Drive

June 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

I published my first bylined article on the ingenie Young Driver’s Guide yesterday, about what to expect from your first driving lesson. Very topical as I just started learning to drive myself, so it was good revision for me!

You’d think not being a qualified driver would make writing for a car insurance brand quite difficult but it’s actually the opposite. I knew next to nothing about cars and driving before I started, so I assume nothing of my reader. If I don’t understand something they probably won’t either, so I gots to get all the information spot on.

I’m lucky to have access to some experts who I can talk to and of course the glorious internet, without whom I would be nothing. Yep, just personified the internets, what?

By the time I come to take my test, I’m going to know everything about driving. It was odd doing a lesson on Saturday and thinking “Yuh, I know” every time my instructor gave me some titibit of driving trivia. Not going to get ahead of myself though – knowing about frontal lobe maturation doesn’t help me drive the darn car!

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