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April 26, 2016 § Leave a comment

Google certificate

Oh hey, guess who’s a bit of an expert these days? Me, according to Google’s online marketing certification engine, The Digital Garage. I finished my chosen modules last night and decided to go for the optional ones as well.

I learned some things, it was an easy process and LinkedIn loves me. Done.


Recent Posts

April 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Instagram lately. My last two blogs for Yell revolved around influencers on social and how to connect with them.

Check ’em out:

Cool ways to show off your business with Instagram

Getting bloggers onside: how to approach an influencer

Now, I’m on holiday this week which means no Yell post from me, so please don’t sit refreshing the Knowledge Centre hoping for a serving of solid digital know-how and perky wit. There will be even less than usual.


My Job is Eating Mini Sandwiches

September 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Went to an epic conference today – seriously. Got invited as a ‘representative’ for my company and got to meet loads of clients and really abuse the word ‘networking’. Love it.

Gerald Ratner was key note speaker! As in, ‘doing a Ratner’. If you don’t know, Gerald Ratner made a bit of a verbal faux pas in the marketing world and has been topping ‘Greatest Gaffe’ lists ever since, haemorrhaging money all the way. However, he pulled himself back to being a market leader by utilising the online marketplace before most companies caught on. Now he’s worth millions again – hooray!

The conference was aimed at local SMEs, giving them tips on how to make social media work for them etc. but in truth I learnt a whole lot too. Not necessarily new stuff, but certainly new ways of expressing the benefit of social media optimisation to my clients.

And I got to eat tiny sandwiches. That’s a good day.

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