Welcome to Copywriting: The Results

May 3, 2016 § 1 Comment

“We should do a talk.”

And we all nodded like mascots on the dash of a speeding bin lorry. I can’t remember if we were drunk but we agreed to the idea blindly and happily, considering it a wonderful plan to be worried about in the distant future.

Only Kady was intending to leave the country very soon. So Welcome to Copywriting, a one-day talk about the pitfalls and parties of the copywriting life, was set for one month hence. At that point, we still weren’t worried – a month is bags of time! Even when we got to the point of a day’s planning, we were still pretty buzzed about it.

When we got to one week to go, our confidence started cracking. Dibbsy had just got a new job and was trying to keep up with freelance at the same time. Chloe had Shakespeare’s birthday – a pretty big job for an agency in Stratford-upon-Avon. I had two conferences, a holiday and freelance. Kady was trying to move her entire life to Japan.


But somehow, we got there. The day arrived – a beautiful spring day in Brick Lane. The venue, a dusty health hazard of an attic, was perfect. So many people came that we were adding chairs. With it all going so well, I was vibrating with fear at such a high frequency that it’s possible I was invisible for most of the day.

We did it, though. I actually started my first presentation with the words “I’m shit at this,” to illustrate a point: that the things I feel I’m worst at are the things I try hardest at, and therefore usually end up doing OK in. Despite publically admitting to my terror and awkwardness, it did turn out a lot better than I could have possibly imagined.

People have been so kind. They seem pumped and happy, despite us saying a lot of things that could put you off copywriting forever. Our number one thing we wanted to push was that having friends in the copywriting community is pretty much the answer to any question you have. None of us is alone. We’re a family. We laugh and squabble and weep and give advice. #Copywritersunite is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, personally and in my career.

I couldn’t do without you all, and I’m so happy to welcome so many more copywriters into the fold.

Welcome to Copywriting

It’s #CopywritersUnite Night Tomorrow

January 27, 2016 § Leave a comment

If I were any more excited, I’d be at home lying down with a flannel on my forehead.

For a start, I’m actually leaving work early so I’ll be there for the whole evening. Another epic thing is that the bar we’re going to is really near Waterloo and kicks out at 11pm; my train leaves 15 minutes later. I can’t lose. (I can’t lose, right?)

More? Ok – how about it’s payday tomorrow? How about that? It’s payday, I’m meeting my boy Dibbs for some drunch (at a mystery location) and then it’s “prosecco all round, darlings.”

The best things about #CopywritersUnite nights:

  1. You meet lovely people each time. I have my core cackle of copybuddies but as an example: last time only some of us met and enjoyed Sam, so I’m looking forward to us all being there to enjoy her. Plus maybe some other meekly brave newbies.
  2. Saying “Oh YOU’RE @randomwriter. How nice to know your actual name and face!” like 20 times. And then still referring to their handle in conversation: “Yeah, Chloe said that recently – you know, @re_scrawl.”
  3. Talking about words. Oh, the luxury of that. I am a lonely writer in an insurance company – no one will talk of hilarious dangling modifiers or heart-breaking cadence with me. Getting down and dirty with people who know enough stuff that you feel a bit out of your depth is amazing.
  4. Drink.
  5. Kady‘s outfit. If there ain’t some kind of punctuation upon her person, I will be disappointed. Luckily, I have mine tattooed on myself so it’s inevitable.

Are you a copywriter? Do come. We’ll be at The Cut (the bar at The Young Vic) tomorrow from 6.30. You can get us on #copywritersunite anytime.




December 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

The very first #CopywritersUniteNight I went to, I met Chloe, Kady and Dibbsy. I hate meeting people but for some reason these three seemed pretty OK.

Well, the rest is history.

Since that night, we’ve counselled each other through job applications, difficult briefs, Creative Director cajoling, grammar decisions and one particularly bizarre case of three-way agency courting.

Having three people (four – Copyfather, obv) basically on call for you is an incredible liferaft. To know that I can put out my CopyCat Signal and immediately have a group of people to back me up…it’s like a virtual gang. The kind whose pens are mightier than all the swords.

Hanging out with them IRL isn’t like being with other people – they have the same brain. They know the things I know and their thought processes follow the same cackling swoops and swirls. We laugh a lot.

Monday night we did Copy Christmas. Buttered rum, duck confit, Greek chips and mulled wine. It rained and we retreated to the corner of a giant shed (fine, ‘Rekordelig Lodge’ on Southbank) to shout at each other.

I felt consumed by affection for these three very different but utterly similar humans. They’re just the best.

Thanks guys, I owe you my sanity. x



The Times of Late

October 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

Oh dear. I’ve been rather remiss in my personal writing recently. No diatribes about sexist books. No love letters to sea mist. No mournful rememberings of days past. Bad writer.

The thing is, I’ve been busy. You must understand. I’ve had a lot on.

I’ve won another One Minute Brief, which is utterly lovely. I’ve had splendid news about a thing that I feel I shouldn’t spoil before it’s public (much #blogger, many #blessed). I’ve cracked the whole driving thing and driven to work without incident (serious incident, anyway) for a few weeks now. I’ve taken on a nice big copywriting project. I’ve written things about SEO, learning a few bits along the way that made me go ‘Oh shit’. I’ve been to a mini #CopywritersUnite night and made a new bitch. I’ve edited a film script. I’ve organised a London jaunt for Phil’s birthday: hotel and Thunder at Wembley.

Generally, lovely. X

The Joy of @OneMinuteBriefs

July 15, 2015 § Leave a comment

Just as they're cutting the cheese

I do love a little challenge. I’ve cooled off on my Slow Writing recently but have started doing One Minute Briefs on Twitter as I mentioned last week. They’re great because loads of people from #CopywritersUnite get involved and it’s good for honing your imaginationamabob. And your boldness also.

Here’s what I’ve done so far, advertising Photoshop, tractors, motorbikes, decaffeinated coffee and cyber bullying awareness. (The one above was for Whoopee Cushions and should have won but I’m convinced people didn’t get it. Right?)
@OneMinuteBriefs by Honor Clement-Hayes

@OneMinuteBriefs by Honor Clement-Hayes

@OneMinuteBriefs by Honor Clement-Hayes

I loved coffee but it made me feel

@OneMinuteBriefs by Honor Clement-Hayes

Oh! Also, I wrote about @OneMinuteBriefs and #CopywritersUnite for Yell this week – go read it, it’s about the wonderful things you can learn from a copywriter. Obviously.

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