They Say Never Meet Your Idols

September 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

But I did it last week and it was great. Thursday was an important occasion – I met my copyfather. The man who writes like he birthed me himself and has given me muchos advice and encouragement. That man is Chris Miller.

It was #CopywritersUnite of course! In a dreadfully loud pub but a lovely boothed area. I immediately huddled up with Kady and Dibbsy, later joined by Chloe (we had copywriter bitching to do – “NINE FUCKING DAYS?!”) but am ashamed to say I neglected them when Chris turned up. I don’t know how I managed to get drunk on two pints of cider and a gin but it happened. Between the mild deafness of my companion, the poor acoustics of the room and my *ahem* boisterousness, I had rather a sore throat the next morning.

In other news: I won another One Minute Briefs! Imagine! It was a complete surprise and I shouted it on the Northern line. I had to be shushed. In other, other news: I passed my driving test last Wednesday! Imagine! That was a complete surprise too – I drove poorly at best. You can read the whole story in the ingenie Young Driver’s Guide.

Good week all round.

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