It’s Been a Good Week for Creative Output

August 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

You guys. It finally happened. The words I’ve been waiting to hear since I was a little girl.

I won a One Minute Briefs. Me. Y’all know I was sad my “Just as they’re cutting the cheese” ad didn’t win the Whoopee Cushions brief but this is all the sweeter because I just went straight in. No musing, no edits. One minute, one ad. Boom.

It’s a bit strong to say I can now die happy but I can now die happy.

In other creative news, I published three Yell posts this week. It was going to be just two (fairly prolific for me but I’ve discovered I can watch Bake Off, eat my dinner AND type) and then I ended up writing an extra in bed last night after the INSTAGRAM NEWS BROKE. Yeah, social media shocker. You best go read it to find out…

There’s also an ingenie post about clinging onto the last days of almost summer. It features White Walkers, holiday sausages and Pimm’s ice lollies so you better go check it out.

That’s all folks, have a desirable weekend.

Writing About Writing

March 25, 2015 § Leave a comment

Last week I wrote an essay on tone of voice and this week I wrote an essay on building a mini style guide for your business copy. Really, the second one should have been part of the first but as they were both closing in on 2,000 words, I thought not.

I spend Sunday mornings making decisions about full stops in titles so you don’t have to. Go read.



March 16, 2015 § Leave a comment

Been doin’ some long writing for Yell recently. It’s a fantastic outlet for the things that simmer in the back of my head 24/7.

Business buzzwords to banish from your website copy

Oooooh, this was therapeutic. I’ve battled for years against banal copywriting: the ‘comprehensive range of solutions’ of this world. We’ve seen it all before, we weren’t convinced then – what else you got?

Read the thing >

How to find your tone of voice

An ode to tone. I love talking about this, which you could probably guess form the length of the thing. It’s a subject of many layers and tunnels. And it’s so completely personal that it’s hard to say what’s right and what’s wrong. A wonderful topic, in other words.

Go get it >

Yummy, Yummy Data

January 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

Did another one. This post is about how amazing data is for writing amazing content. Numbers, blah. BUT: the only way to write content that is just oh so perfect for your target audience is to look at the numbers.

Before, to tell you what they liked in the past. And after, to tell you if you got it right this time.

Go see >.

Are you getting the data you need to write amazing content?

Rekindling an Old Flame

December 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

Well hey – look at this!


That’s right. It’s quite a lot weird, but I’m back to blogging for hibu – I mean Yell – seven months after promising to never darken their doorway again.

As someone who often writes an essay on a subject they’ve randomly Googled, this is a very useful place for me to put that stuff. My first is about how to make your blogs look nice without spending LOOOOADS of money on stock imagery.

It’s My Writing Party

April 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

I don’t content plan. I don’t plan at all actually. I start typing just to make words, like jamming guitar in your room because it feels good and pisses off your mom.

Writing for the sake of it is a tuning of the mind, an exercise in scales and arpeggios as Marie from The Aristocats would say. It’s luxurious doodling; it’s ollying your big brother’s skateboard over and over in the back garden; it’s collaging scraps torn from glossy magazines to form a picture of your maybe life.

I don’t think too much about you. YOU, the you that is reading these lexical outbursts. If you’re not my mam I don’t know what you don’t want to read or what I say that makes you snark in your head. Frankly, that’s a friggin’ relief because I don’t place too much faith in my ability to deal with the opinions of others outside of my professional life, if such a distinction exists.

I’ve never even had the chance to write around your preferences and that’s a good thing. Often when a blog provokes a lot of interaction, it’s the beginning of the end. I know that sounds a lot like saying you only like obscure music and it’s ruined when everyone catches on but really: ‘I just write for me’ doesn’t usually work out when you have people telling you to kill yourself because you quite like the idea of equal marriage or pink shoes.

So, my writing remains largely unsullied by editing for a public. Naive, short-sighted and self-absorbed that may be, but thank God.

This blog has allowed me to riff endlessly on the nothing subjects that capture my attention, without the criticism and feedback I get in my real life as a writer. This is my three-year writing exercise. This is my cure for writer’s block.

And you’re all invited to the party. I reckon I could still squeeze everyone in my flat. Just don’t bring a mate.


More B2B Blogging Words

October 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

This week’s blog about B2B blogging is up on It’s about the problem of actually GETTING PEOPLE TO READ WHAT YOU WRITE. We’ve all struggled with this so pop over and see what you think. If you’ve been running your own company blog since the internet was invented, this probably doesn’t apply to you…

OH! And it’s my last day in website production! I start my new role as Copywriter for Global Shared Marketing on Monday. It’s been a long time coming but now it’s here I’m like ‘Yeah, whatever. Let’s do this. Let’s get this DID.’

A happy time my dears, a SUCCESS has been had.


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