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It’s another Oasap post! I ordered a black fur coat as my super organised replacement for my beloved leopard, which is beginning to look a liiiittle bit like an old teddy…

I chose the smallest size because I am a tiny pixie person and can be very easily swamped by a fur coat. Unfortunately the sheer volume of this coat still looks a little bit ‘little girl dressing up in her mummy’s clothes’ but we’ll see: if it gets cold enough next winter there’s no telling what I’ll do with it!

My own size issues aside, this is a gorgeous coat. It’s so real-looking that when I opened it I was actually a bit afraid I’d accidentally bought a real dead animal!

It’s not, but it sure feels like it. It’s heavy and SLEEK not fluffy like most fakes. The huge lapels make it look very expensive and it would definitely keep even the chilliest mortal warm. Go check it out.

I wore it with a dress I’ve had for two years but never squeezed into before – the poverty diet’s working a treat!

Oh! And they sent me a little surprise gift – a teeny mouse ring. So cuuuute.


Green Stars

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Honor Clement-Hayes

Shoe Shelves

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Yes, I know I’ve got a lot of painting to do, but I couldn’t stop myself putting just a FEW pairs on the awaiting shelves…



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Selling my Soul for Shoes

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As I may have said, I’m now part of the Oasap Fashion Hunter Program. This means something very VERY important indeed. Free shoes.

It’s a moral dilemma for some people: do I blog about stuff just because I got it for free? I don’t have a problem writing about stuff people want to send me; I just won’t LIE. Not even to get readers following links that earn me revenue. No sir, not me.

However, there endeth the high mindedness. I just love shoes, so you’ll have to forgive me selling myself down the river.

My pick from Oasap was a pair of sneakers I’d had my eye on for quite a while. I was particularly taken with the description: “The popular winter snow platform boots with round head, and flat shoe sloes use of the cow tendon to make it wear-resistant”.

Hilarious English aside, they just looked so snug and comfy…I just prayed they actually would be on arrival. I picked a size up (size 5) as the shoes are padded and I found my last pair of Oasap shoes a liiiiittle bit on the tight side.

Oasap shoes review

I got them in black (obv) because I am a big goth and also – very helpfully – there was a nice picture of a nice girl wearing the black version which looked very sweet.

That’s one good thing about Oasap: customer pictures are easy to access and really do help you get a better idea of the item you’re thinking of calling to you from the other side of the world.

On the other hand, you ARE at risk of Blogger’s Brainstorm: the terrible affliction that convinces you that if you just buy this one item, you too will have legs up to your armpits and a New York loft.

Where was I? Ah yes, THE SHOES.

Oasap shoes review

Well for a start they’re not leather, despite the amusing talk of ‘cow tendon’. I didn’t really expect them to be but it is an issue with these kinds of sites as the plastic is often rather poor quality and smells like those awful shops where poor people buy jelly shoes for their package holiday to Ayia Napa.

BUT. I actually like these shoes. Seriously, I really do. You cant go wrong with black sneakers. These are super cute and my favey platform helps me with that whole ‘long legs’ fantasy I harbour pathetically.

Honor wears Oasap platform sneakers

They’re lined with VERY fluffy pink fur which is super snuggly and makes them very comfy indeed. The tongues and backs are covered with a sort of Aztec print which is one of my best loved patterns.

Overall I’m well happy and they look awesome. Buy some!

Surviving the Snow

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My town is preeeeeetty snowy right now and I’ve been rummaging through cupboards for warm clothing. Yesterday I made the treacherous journey to the next big town and I think I actually OVERDRESSED (not uncommon).

I wore: cotton leggings, wool knit leggings, Adidas snow boots, long sleeved T-shirt, wool jumper, wool scarf, fur coat, fur hat, fur gloves… And was TOO HOT.

Have to go again today but the snow is mainly just yucky slushy rubbish now so it`s time to crack out my new Goth wellies. I’m thinking midi dress, leggings, thick socks, big cardigan, coat. I cannot shop in a fur coat and hat, it just makes me want to DIE.


Ridiculous Wedges

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Honor Clement-Hayes


Office black platforms

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