Victorian Cyber Vampire

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Just informed my boss that I have today come to work as a Victorian Cyber Vampire, then got up to show him my shoes as if to illustrate that point for him more clearly. He didn’t disagree.

Silver creepers

Roller Girl

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Rookie Odyssey roller skates

Yesterday my new Rookie roller skates from Surfdome arrived. I instantly put on a more appropriate outfit (fluffy purple tutu and bow tie), then cooked dinner wearing them which was dangerous but fun.

I had been trying to coerce my friend Andy into getting some skates so he can come out to play with me but Boyfriend accidentally let slip that HE used to be a bit of a devil on the dance floor at 90s roller discos, so I may in fact be forming a sort of roller CLUB in Haslemere town. And Haslemere is not ready for us.

Now, I loathe exercise but roller skating is FUN time. You have a hilarious laugh and also get somewhere (looking fabulous) while toning your bum, thighs and stomach muscles. What’s not to like? At the ripe old age of 23, I just do not care any more abut people looking at me.

I just want to have FUN.

Rookie Odyssey roller skates

Being Ophelia

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Honor Clement-Hayes - Oasap

Oh YUM. Oasap sent me a long floaty green maxi skirt and it makes me feel like Ophelia. If you find me floating in a river somewhere, don’t be alarmed. I’m just playing.

Incredibly, this skirt is the perfect length for me. Every single maxi I’ve ever owned has required some clever hitching up or towering heels, as I am about the height of an Ewok. But THIS skirt is obviously designed for tiny little Asian girls, so it’s 100% perfect. Don’t worry if you’re normal though – this is literally brushing the ground on me (I’m five foot one) which is how I like it.

I like that the underskirt is separate from the netting because I often wear sheer skirts over a black mini skirt or gold dress, so it just gives me more options. I quite like the idea of the shiny green bit on its own but I think that may require further experimentation…

This skirt also comes in lilac, which I think would be VRAIMENT beautiful for the summer, and with lots of white and silver in the winter for melancholy moor wandering. With big chunky Dr Martens and a cable knit cardi. Mmmm.

You can see more of how I styled my new skirt on Chictopia.

A City Day

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On Thursday I took the day off to go ‘up to town’ as we country mice say. My main purpose was to attend the Coffin on Cake press day at their studio to see their clients’ A/W collections.

Now, Coffin on Cake represent JuJu jelly shoes – so how could I turn that down? Having seen their studio before, I was also entirely sure there would be lots of pink things and interesting people to look at.

Coffin on Cake

Coffin on Cake press day A/W 2013

Guess what? I was entirely right. I saw glorious things with gold and leopard print and Dalmatians and studs and glow in the dark and many other delights. I’ll be writing about some of my favourites on HOWL so keep an eye out.

My second mission was to see my old friend Ols, a long-suffering university friend. Oli now works in PR-ish circles too (although he actually finished his degree) so I was interested to see EXACTLY how well he’s doing so that I could obsess over my success in relation to his. Yeah, I’m THAT person.

But really that was a very little part of our HOURS of conversation. We meandered joyfully through etymology and the IPA chart and self analysis and girls with dark eyes and the way of the schwa.

In fact we did so much meandering (and cocktail drinking) that I ended up missing the last train with a dead phone…eek. In the end I was glad though because after crashing into Oli’s flat and passing out, we then continued to converse for another seven hours of the next day. Intellectual stimulation is addictive and I spend a lot of time writing about shoes. Go figure.

In conclusion: successful trip.

Coffin on Cake

My Week

April 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Blackdown hills, Surrey

Gorgeous weekend of lovely drink, lovely food and lovely long walk with hubby. I’ve felt a bit flat recently because we have so little time to dedicate to enjoying each other but this weekend helped a bit.

Having a big week and it’s only Monday! Have got client training on Wednesday; I’m expecting an important visitor who could pounce at any moment; I’ve confirmed a date for something very career-boosting (again, not leaving hibu!); and should be sorting out a VERY VERY VERY exciting project with a rather well-known fashion brand… If only I could spill the beans!

Oh, and starting the second series of Game of Thrones but that doesn’t make me sound very cool at all. Never mind.

Jellies Again

April 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hey kids. Some time has passed but I’m afraid my mind is still stuck in jelly. Jelly shoes that is. My article about JuJu jellies is up on HOWL – go read it! There’s lots of pictures of the silly things I did with them and more on the HOWL Women’s Fashion Pinterest board.

Today I bought some mint green plastic bow clips from Claire’s Accessories to add to my sparkly jellies for extra kawaii…

I am a child.

Mint green hair bows


JuJu Jellies!

March 28, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today I went to Coffin On Cake PR to take a look at JuJu Footwear’s SS13 collection of jelly shoes! Oh m’lord, the amount of squeaking I did? In these photos I’m wearing some JuJu Babes in Maxi glitter, which I think are already available at Office.

Pretty sure these are THE shoe of the summer – Rita Ora thinks so! Check on HOWL soon to see my This Week We Love… This post is a BIT of a spoiler…


Check out more of the outfit on Chictopia

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